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Digitize information

Digitize information and processes quickly and effectively!


With d.3ecm from d.velop – the leading provider in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) we – Jörg Paule Informationssysteme GmbH – offer you an effective and sophisticated ECM solution with integration into the ERP / PDM / CAD world. The solutions have comprehensive search options as well as legally and audit-proof archiving.

d.3ecm is the central storage location for all information and documents in your company. It ensures long-term availability and provides a clear and quick overview with its digital file structure. Through digital workflows, d.3ecm automatically allocates tasks and information along a business process.

Why you should bet on d.3ecm:

Documents are created in different ways and accordingly they reach the central document management system d.3ecm in a wide variety of ways:

  • Print receipts from your business applications (e.g. from the ERP system)
  • Large numbers of paper receipts
  • Business-related and evidence-relevant emails
  • and much more


These documents must be converted into a long-term stable storage format or scanned and transferred to PDF. This is where our successful products, which have been in use for years, can help you. You can easily capture, classify and archive your documents. Long-term stable and secure.

Through these tools – all from one manufacturer – you have a powerful toolset to quickly and easily transfer documents from any source into your d.3ecm document management system.



Don’t search – find!

You know what it’s like: an urgently needed document is stuck in a file folder, but unfortunately it’s not where it should be because an employee passed it on to a colleague, took it home or has already shipped it to the archive basement.

No matter whether it’s paper documents, technical drawings, pictures, office documents, receipts from your accounting department or e-mails: Everything finds its place in the central electronic archive: digital, long-term and audit-proof, legally compliant and independent of the original creator system.

From there, the stored documents can be spontaneously researched, edited, checked and distributed by any authorized employee at any time. Via mobile ECM, even while on the road.

The reassuring thing is that there is only one unchangeable document stored in the archive. This not only saves you from printing and manually archiving paper documents, but also from searching for copies filed away somewhere.

This means that electronic archiving provides you with more transparent business processes, legally and audit-proof, compliance-compliant storage on certified storage systems, and lower printing, paper, and storage costs.

In addition, you can still browse through each document even decades later or delete it automatically after the retention period has expired.


Only safe is safe!

With d.velop’s electronic archiving, working with documents is exactly the same as with the classic file folder – only not on paper, but on the screen.

As the system maps the individual archive structure of your company 1:1, all documents, even those linked to each other, can be conveniently researched, edited, checked, re-archived or distributed. If desired, even fully automatically via workflow.

The digital archiving itself is automatic, audit-proof in long-term available file formats such as TIFF or PDF/A and fulfills all legal compliance requirements for both data management and accounting.

When new documents are digitally archived, the file formation is automatic. And deadlines and due dates are automatically displayed.

Electronic archiving is at the same time your access to further solutions such as a digital incoming invoice processing, a contract or e-mail management, Central project files can be formed.


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