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Jörg Paule Informationssysteme GmbH

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30 +Jahre-joerg-paule-informationssysteme-gmbh

since 1991
Experience in the field of process automation


We set the standards in sales processes and process automation!

We are your partner when it comes to sales process automation. Because only with a strong partner and the right software deployment will you put your sales and distribution on a growth course. With us, you get a partner at your side who knows what is important for efficient process optimization.

To change or expand the sales process, you need courage and the desire to implement. We show you the possible ways and find together with you the right strategic sales process for your company.

Take the next implementation steps together with us. Be courageous and profit also you, like all our content customers.

Only who also dares new and/or adapts to the optimal conditions, will also achieve success.


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Jörg Paule Informationssysteme GmbH

Jörg Paule Informationssysteme GmbH was founded in 1991 by Mr. Jörg Paule. Over several decades we have grown up on the one hand the solution partner for ERP integrations, process optimizations and on the other hand manufacturer of the salecombs platform. With the many years of experience and the corresponding know-how, we are very strongly positioned in the area of process optimization with our platform and our software modules. We tackle points that others don’t even think about.

Continuous innovation coupled with intelligent, big-thinking and far-sighted minds allow our portfolio to grow constantly. In addition, we are long-time partners of PDM, ECM and ERP system vendors.Through our integrations and proprietary software brands MetricDesigner and salecombs, of which we are very proud, we provide companies with powerful products. Our products bring you more time, risk diversification, stability, cost savings, and lead to more revenue potential.


Our software portfolio has grown very strongly in recent years. From the software brand MetricDesigner, which stands for parametric configurations – 3D web configurations – salecombs – We change sales processes. – emerged.

salecombs stands for sales honeycombs, sales honeycombs, as well as sales honeycombs!

Each individual “honeycomb” symbolizes one of our software modules, which together form a cohesive structure and are always expandable. Together, our individual honeycombs form a large stable mesh / construct / system, as well as a complete process!

Our web platform reflects the “honeycomb queen”.

We have made it our mission,
to positively change the sales processes in medium-sized businesses.


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Our company leadership

Jörg Paule - salecombs -jörg paule informationssystme gmbh

Jörg Paule

Founder & CEO
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Philipp Paule