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Digital spare parts management on the web fast and uncomplicated!

Are you looking for a web solution for your company, in which all products, their spare parts as well as parts lists are listed? At the same time, all necessary drawings, product images, assembly instructions and product information should be available at a glance. Furthermore, spare parts should be able to be ordered or inquired. We have the solution for you. Our sc.PartsManagement is a web-based solution for digital spare parts management that works hand in hand with the CRM, PDM / PLM, ECM and ERP systems and can be used on desktop and mobile devices. The sc.PartsManagement web module offers you automated processing of your spare parts sales.

We make spare parts processing even faster and less complicated for you. Finding the spare part you are looking for quickly becomes easy. You have the option that your customers can order the spare parts directly via the sc.PartsManagement module or request a quote. The offers are generated and managed automatically in conjunction with sc.Sales. It is possible to create and send quotations fully automatically. Alternatively, semi-automated with intermediate stops in the process, for example for checking at the internal sales department.

The spare parts sales department thus has all the information and this gives your valuable design team more available time.

Your benefit

 Relieve the workload of your design engineers, as all essential drawings can be easily found on the article in the web platform and thus all information for spare parts sales/distribution can be viewed.

 Quickly find the right products.

 Maintain a faster, more straightforward and automated spare parts management process.

Features at a glance


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