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SAP ERP to Web – Web to SAP ERP

Web platforms are the solution for transparent and intuitive work, both for your customers and your employees.

Today you no longer focus solely on a classic ERP system, but make the necessary information available to your employees, customers and, for example, subsidiaries directly via the web.
Otherwise you will miss many chances and opportunities in the present time

infor COM to Web – Web to infor COM

Via MetricDesigner WEB platform simply access the desired information from your infor COM
availability worldwideintuitiv Operationuncomplicated Edit

Web platform solutions with complete integration into your infor COM ERP system. Both from infor COM to the Web, and the other way around.

AutoCAD and d.3ecm

Time-consuming, elaborate and cumbersome. Do you know these three adjectives? Perhaps in terms of handling your AutoCAD documents? Do you also store your vector-oriented drawings in a document management system? Then you probably know the pain. Two independent products try to exchange documents, Jörg Paule Informationssysteme GmbH establishes the communication.