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The Web Platform for your infor COM system

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infor COM to WebWeb to infor COM – The web platform solutions for your infor COM system.
Bring the necessary and useful processes and information for your employees and customers to the web. We offer you a Web Platform solution with a full integration into your infor COM system. There is the possibility for individual extensions.

Web Platform solutions with complete integration into your infor COM system.

Both from infor COM to the Web, and the other way around.

Why should you combine infor COM with a MetricDesigner Web Platform?


Today you no longer rely on a classic ERP system, but make the necessary information available to your employees, customers and, for example, subsidiaries directly via the web. Otherwise you will miss many chances and opportunities in the present time. Be it further sales branches, information transparency for your employees, suppliers, customers, etc.
Today, it is often said of employees and customers: Where can I get the information? Can I access directly from the road? Can’t an offer be created more easily and automatically, after article selection? and so on

How would it be if you could answer all these questions with the following sentence:
“You can find all necessary information on our web platform,
and carry out all necessary activities.”

When deciding on a web platform, do not only think about now, BUT also about the future (digital natives) of your company.


  • Quick access to the desired information.
  • Intuitive operation.
  • All information can be found directly on the article/product.
  • Worldwide access.
  • Making it easier for your customers and employees to access information.
  • Transparency.
  • No double product data management necessary.
  • Automated offer generation for your internal sales department, as well as suppliers, customers, subsidiaries, etc. Generated offers flow directly into infor COM. “A round thing.”
  • Time savings for your employees and customers in every respect.
  • Complete integration into infor COM available.
  • Integration in d.3ecm (d.velop) available.
    Automatically created offers can be stored directly in d.3ecm, as well as documents from d.3ecm can be provided on the web platform.
  • Definition/setting of user authorization possible. Internal & external users

WebApps of the MetricDesigner Web Platform for infor COM


Search, inform up to the order possible

You are looking for a web product catalogue? Or rather in the direction of a product catalogue with the possibility to order or request an offer?


Spare parts management on the Web – fast and uncomplicated

Are you looking for a web solution for your company, in which all products, their spare parts as well as parts lists are listed? And at the same time all necessary drawings, product pictures, assembly instructions and product information can be found at a glance, and spare parts can be ordered or requested?


Professional & comfortable web service for your service team

Are you looking to provide your service team with more comfort at work? Triggering a spare parts order directly at the customer’s site WITHOUT more effort would be optimal, as well as having all the necessary information about the product always with you, e.g. current machine software versions?


Easily share any document on the Web

Do you want to exchange documents quickly and easily with other people? Should this take place in a structured and organized way?

MetricDesigner Web platform solutions run interlocked with your Infor COM.

Due to our longtime competence and experience in the infor COM environment, we can offer you a professional Web Infor COM solution.

Would you like to see MetricDesigner Web platforms for infor COM live?