Product data management system for your freedoms!

The flexible PDM system for CAD, CAM, Office and much more.
Open for smart administration up to an ERP system.

With the GAIN Collaboration PDM systemfrom GAIN Software – an established product data management(PDM) systemwe – Jörg Paule Informationssysteme GmbH – offer you an innovative, simple, flexible and securePDMsolution with integration into the ERP / CAD world.

GAIN Collaboration PDM is simple, flexible and secure.

A PDM system has to get a lot under one roof. The right approvals in the workflow, authorized access to data, fast finding of the file you are looking for, … It’s good to know that with GAIN Collaboration everything goes according to plan, even on hectic working days.

Why should you rely on GAIN Collaboration:


Get support from GAIN Collaboration

With simple, convenient operation from implementation to revision. With the flexibility that suits you and your company. With the certainty that all doors will still be open for you tomorrow:

  • Management of all product data arising in the product lifecycle
  • Constant information about the origin, changes and approvals of your company’s product data
  • Project-oriented, clear workplace
  • Information exchange across languages and locations
  • Controlled access to your documents and files
  • Search and find via flexible filters, classifications or structures
  • Automation of routine tasks via job server and convenient printing system


GAIN Collaboration makes PDM easy. Already in the development phase, we orient GAIN Collaboration towards user behavior. Because your joy of working is very important to us.


Your advantages:
  • Easy installation and implementation
  • Secure, rapid data transfer and migration
  • Clear, tidy user interface
  • Import by Drag & Drop
  • Individual folder and project structure
  • System configuration on graphical user interface
  • Deep CAD, CAM and MS Office integration
  • Free classification systems
  • Short mouse paths
  • Pleasant, intuitive working experience
  • Graphically supported database customization
  • Graphical configuration menus
  • Distinct user orientation


Made-to-measure suit instead of ready-made? Here you go: GAIN Collaboration adapts to your personal preferences and the standards of your company. Simple, graphical and intuitive.


Your flexibility advantages:
  • Editor for individual workflow specifications
  • Customizable user interface
  • Configurable number generator
  • Adjustable status, regulations, etc.
  • Individual links to other systems (e.g. ERP thanks to flexible API)
  • Multilingual thanks to Unicode and dictionary


PDM – that means cooperation, data access and transfer. Between employees, departments and locations. Play it safe with GAIN Collaboration.


Your security advantages:

  • Trend-setting and proven technology basis for secure investments
  • Open, Windows-compliant and yet untraceable archive
  • Archive accessible in case of system or network failure even without GAIN Collaboration
  • Adaptable access and release system
  • Verschlüsselter Datentransfer
  • Revision management according to DIN EN 9001
  • Open for Product Lifecycle Management

GAIN Collaboration Variants

GAIN Collaboration View

Search, view and print documents

The research station that does not require an application interface. The PDM Software GAIN Collaboration View lets you search, view and print documents within GAIN Collaboration.

For example, purchasing, work preparation or production can save a lot of time.

For instance,

  • if work scheduling wants to see a bill of material.
  • if the sale requires a PDF of a drawing for an inquiry.

Equipped with the same clear user interface as GAIN Collaboration Professional, you can customize the GAIN Collaboration View to suit different user groups.

Plus: Any additional functions programmed in GAIN Collaboration Professional can also be used with the View variant.

GAIN Collaboration Office

Managing Non-CAD Documents

With GAIN Collaboration Office you manage documents outside the CAD area. The office version of the PDM system is quasi a document management system (DMS). And a very flexible one at that. For example, you can easily manage MS Office documents, e-mails, image documents, neutral formats, videos, print files and projects. Like all variants, GAIN Collaboration Office is easy to install, configure and administer.

Deep integration into MS Office products

  • Automatic filling of documents

  • Links Excel files across multiple files

  • Automatic creation of neutral formats

The Office version is equipped with the same clear and intuitive interface as GAIN Collaboration Professional.

GAIN Collaboration Professional

Manage product data: Simple, flexible, secure

GAIN Collaboration Professional is the most powerful product of the GAIN Collaboration family. You can easily adapt the flexible and secure document management for CAD, CAM and Office to your needs. An easy and flexible implementation is the basis for the optimal workflow in your company.

GAIN Collaboration offers you flexible interfaces to connect other PLM-relevant system areas such as merchandise management, customer relationship management systems (CRM) and production control (CAM). With a focus on managing your product lifecycle(PLM), you will still be flexible tomorrow.

The PDM system GAIN Collaboration Professional is the basis for the coupling to CAD/ECAD and MCAD applications and has the interfaces to MS Office products as well as MS Outlook built in.

GAIN Collaboration Professional offers you the following support

  • Product data management
    collect, control and analyze all product data of your company.
  • Process management and workflow
    Stay informed about the creation, changes and releases of your company’s product data.
  • Project-oriented cooperation
    Good cooperation with a project-oriented, clearly arranged workstation and much more.
  • Access management
    Controlled, secure access to documents and files. Location-related or cross-location.
  • Search and find
    Let yourself be supported by powerful filters, classifications or structures.
  • Adaptability
    Adapt GAIN Collaboration to your needs and the processes of your company.
  • Automation
    Automate routine tasks using the integrated job server or plot manager.


Do you have questions about GAIN Collaboration PDM?