AutoCAD and d.3ecm

AutoCAD document handling fast and uncomplicated.

Versioned and archived

Time-consuming, elaborate and cumbersome. Do you know these three adjectives? Perhaps in terms of handling your AutoCAD documents? Do you also store your vector-oriented drawings in a document management system? Then you probably know the pain. Two independent products try to exchange documents, we establish communication.

Vector-oriented drawings and Document management

MD.AutoCAD AddIn for d.3ecm enables direct communication between the two worlds. Insert your documents directly from AutoCAD into the d.3 repository. In addition, it is possible to determine during the drop-off whether and from which layouts a preview should be created as TIFF or PDF. If you are more likely to be at home in the other world, you can also contact the d.3 Repository Open and edit your AutoCAD documents. What makes it special is that native documents can be stored by AutoCAD in d.3ecm with external references without having to have a PDM system in between.

Features at a glance

  • Audit-proof archiving and structured storage of AutoCAD documents along with information from other applications in the central d.3ecm repository.
  • Only neutral formats such as TIFF or PDF are stored.
  • The automatic transfer of auto-CAD documents.
  • Writing fields are read out of AutoCAD and passed to d.3ecm.
  • Number of property fields can be configured and researched in d.3ecm.
  • In d.3ecm, templates with predefined properties / properties can be stored and transferred to AutoCAD.

Relying on standards and expanding them

The basic functionalities of MD.AutoCAD AddIn for d.3ecm make everyday work much easier. In addition, the software can be extended with additional features:

Additional feature: DWG with TIFF
• Local rendering according to TIFF
• Place together (TIFF and DWG) according to d.3ecm
• DWG = primary document
• TIFF = dependent document
• Call from d.3ecm: DWG opens in AutoCAD

Additional feature: Hybrid
• Hybrid file (TIFF with superimposed DWG content)
• Local rendering according to TIFF
• Place together according to d.3ecm, where ZIP = primary document and TIFF = dependent document
• Call from d.3ecm: In AutoCAD, the original document incl. References open

Additional feature: TIFF
• TIFF document is stored as a hybrid, i.e. as zip (Tiff, DWG)
• TIFF is stored via the normal import (basic module)
• TIFF from d.3ecm is also opened as a hybrid in AutoCAD

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